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Bellevue, KY

Bruce "Doc" Smith specializes in Wood Carving and Wood Burning (Pyrography), as well as Turned Boxes. Bruce has been carving caricatures and relief carving for almost 20 years, and has been involved in carving clubs, seminars, and carving instruction for many years. He is the co-founder of the River Valley WoodCarvers Association in Northern Kentucky.

Bruce brings both an eye for detail and a sense of the whimsical in his caricature carvings, while also capturing the elegant beauty of the female form in his classical form studies. Bruce also has a passion for capturing the history and ethos of the Old West through his Indian studies.

From pastoral scenes of nature, to faithful reproductions of historic wooden barns, Bruce's Wood Burnings capture a sense of a moment frozen in time.

If there is one word to describe Bruce's work, that word would be "emotion." Whether you are looking into the eyes of one of his carvings, or you are carried away by the motion of his wood burning scenes, you cannot help but feel personally connected to his work; they truly do become a part of you.


Robert Gulley specializes in Bowl Turning and Box Making, as well as hand-crafted writing instruments. Robert is a regular contributor to Woodturning Design Magazine, published quarterly in North America. Robert is also a frequent instructor of wood turning, sharpening and box making at his local Woodcraft Store®.

Whether making hollow forms, small or large bowls, or high-quality writing instruments, Robert brings a strong sense of design to his work which accents the beauty of the wood being used.

Robert believes there is a spiritual connection between the wood and the artisan who shapes it, such that the final design reveals far more than just the grain or the color of the wood. Design, form, and finish all combine to reveal something of creation, hidden until now.